90+ venues planned for Global Game Jam 2010

International game development event opens for registration

The 2010 Global Game Jam event will take part in more than 90 venues across the world, as organisers IGDA (International Game Developers Association) begin registrations.

The concept involves teams of enthusiasts designing and creating new videogames within a 48 hour period. This year's event saw 1,650 participants from around the world creating 360 different titles.

The next event is due to take place from January 29-31, 2010. Worldwide locations confirmed so far include 38 in the U.S. and seven in the UK (Bristol, Glasgow, London, Luton, Newport, Plymouth and Stafford).

Other global locations include France, Turkey, Belgium, New Zealand, Germany, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, Italy, Denmark, Qatar, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Finland, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Ireland, The Netherlands and Lithuania.

The flagship Game Jam will be in Hamar, Norway, but the IGDA has been keen to emphasise that the events are not a competition but an "idea space" meant to highlight creativity and cultural diversity within gaming.

"The 2010 Global Game Jam is a truly global event and the growth in venues is a great sign of the growing recognition and popularity of GGJ," said Susan Gold, founder of the Global Game Jam.

"There are still a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for companies wishing to participate and have exposure to thousands of game developers and enthusiasts around the world," she added.

Further details are available at the official Global Game Jam website.

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Great to see coverage of the Game Jam. One correction to your article, though - the flagship Game Jam is actually the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amongst the highlights of a great weekend will be the opening keynote from Peter Molyneaux.
Further details and signups are available here: -
Looking forwards to seeing all our friends there!

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