80 jobs under threat at GAME Group

UK retailer to consolidate Basingstoke and York divisions

The GAME Group has said that it is further consolidating its Gamestation business, with the possible loss of over 80 jobs.

Since acquiring Gamestation in 2007, GAME has gradually moved the team from York to Basingstoke in a bid to cut costs and unify the two teams – last year senior Gamestation staff made the 240 mile trip, leaving just the warehouse and call centre operations in the North.

"While our business has continued to outperform the videogames market, we are facing tougher market conditions entering 2010, and must make sure we operate as efficiently as possible while delivering the high standards of service our customers demand."

"Following the successful integration of Gamestation, many head office functions were moved to Basingstoke last year to streamline support functions across the Gamestation and GAME brands. This has proved effective and the Group is now proposing to review its central infrastructure in order to further maximise opportunities for growth and efficiencies.

The company is to move its call centre and refurbishment facility in York to Basingstoke, with the possible loss of all 43 jobs in York and around 40 positions in Basingstoke.

"The Group is committed to redeploying roles wherever possible, and has started consulting with all affected employees," added GAME.

The retailer said in January that sales over the Christmas period were down 18 per cent.

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Latest comments (4)

Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University12 years ago
I think the standard of sevice has gone down when Gamestation got took over, but that may just be me.
What i did see that the cost of game has gone up in the 2 shops and that they was not updating them like they used to. I could tell this when the cost of a game new was less then the same game pre owned. ((same for the DS games they some times have with out the box)) This is why i try to keep online and not buy from them unless i see a game at good cost.
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Anthony Wade ICT Technician 12 years ago
I totally agree Stephen. Game should never have been allowed to take over gamestation another example of monoplistic practices and rip off companies ! Its ridiculous that you can buy a new game cheaper than a second hand one. I have not shopped at either of them for a long time and don't intend to. To think the big moan about supermarkets cutting prices atleast they do pass on or offer a great price to the consumer and considering that it is the supermarket that takes the loss not the publisher what is the moaning about ?

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Ricky Hodgson Studying BA (Hons) Computer Games and Visual Effects, Anglia Ruskin University12 years ago
I never liked the idea of GAME buying Gamstation in the first place..

It just feels like they have cannibalised choice in the high street. Im pretty sure Gamestation prices went up and availability of less mainstream chart games and focus on second hand retro titles went down.

Now a Gamestation feels like a carbon copy of any GAME stores offering. There isn't much between them and because of this i find myself looking at other outlets.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University12 years ago
Well they did get a rid of a lot of retro titles. i think they set fire or somthing like that to them (it true) so they can set the cost of them up and so people will start buying the new games.
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