70% of Japan not interested in 3D TV

Glasses and price cited as main reasons for steering clear

31 per cent of Japanese consumers are considering purchasing a 3D TV, according to a survey by

67 per cent of the 8957 people asked claimed to not be interested in buying a 3D-capable set, in a survey which ran during the week of Sony's various 3D gaming and movie reveals ahead of and at E3. The survey was purely online, which may suggest it only reached technologically-inclined consumers.

"Television makers' expectations for 3D are high but looking at the degree of interest among consumers, there is a big gap with the enthusiasm of manufacturers," said Tsuyoshi Kamada, head of's media-creative section.

Of those who did not plan to acquire a 3D TV, some 70 per cent bemoaned the hassle of 3D glasses, 57 per cent the price, and 40 per cent a perceived lack of content.

The 31 per cent figure tallies roughly with a CEA survey suggesting that 27 per cent of US 'avid gamers' were considering the purchase of a 3D TV.

A prior survey, highlighted by Sony at its recent 3D press events, claimed 40 per cent of TVs will be 3D by 2014.

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Latest comments (6)

Paul Cardy Programmer, Rebellion9 years ago
It's early days, if I were Sony I'd be pretty happy with 31% (depending on the details of the survey).

Of course, all new technologies take a while to get off the ground.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 9 years ago
I think sony should be very pleased with this figure!
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David Rider Publisher, Hustler UK9 years ago
Why do I always feel like a kid pointing at a naked emperor when I read stories about 3D TV?
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Ronald Nañoz 2d artist 9 years ago
i wish Sony would came up a 3d tv without the use of 3d glasses ala nintendo 3ds,coz I think it's ridiculous watching at home with glasses on
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'Tis like folks who are so cool, they were shades in the dark :)
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College9 years ago
A prior survey, highlighted by Sony at its recent 3D press events, claimed 40 per cent of TVs will be 3D by 2014.

Is that Sony TV's or TV's in general

It all depends on how the 3D TV will be supported, in the UK only sky HD support 3D TV and that is only one channel which often broadcasts on repeat. Until there is support 30% that are interested is a high figure but there is a big difference in being interested and being ready to purchase.
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