3DS to be sold at profit from launch

Price still undecided as Iwata discusses GameCube and GBA 3D experiments

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has indicated that the company does not intend to sell the new 3DS portable at a price below that of its production cost, ensuring a profit on hardware from day one.

Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has traditionally always sold hardware at a profit from launch, allowing even modestly successful consoles such as the Nintendo 64 and GameCube to turn a significant profit for the company.

Speaking to website VentureBeat, Iwata commented that, "We believe we will produce enough value worthy of the production cost. We do not think we have to sell the products below cost."

However, Iwata would not be drawn on the price of the console, indicating that no final decision has yet been made. He did admit though that, "What I can confirm is that, in terms of the production costs, it will cost more than the costs for the Nintendo DS today."

Iwata was not asked about the release date of the portable, although the company has previously stated that it will be released worldwide before March 2011. He did however indicate that all pending issues in terms of supply and manufacture of the 3DS's special LCD screens "have been fixed".

Also in the interview, Iwata revealed that the company had produced working 3D demos with both GameCube launch title Luigi's Mansion and the Game Boy Advance in 2001. Although the GameCube test had an "appealing" result Nintendo's earlier portable was not deemed powerful to produce a useful effect.

Iwata also indicated that that 3DS, which was not originally designed with 3D imagery in mind, was not a direct reaction to Apple's iPhone or iPod, despite plans for a degree of e-reader functionality.

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Latest comments (5)

Christopher Bowen Owner, Gaming Bus 9 years ago
I never buy systems at launch anyway - too many kinks to work out - so this doesn't affect me personally anyway.

And if they're going to sell this as a profit, I'm wondering who's going to buy it. That price point is going to knock a LOT of portable gamers out of the loop.
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Reco Hasan9 years ago
so, you already know the price?!
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 9 years ago
Hmm would like to know a price already at this point. Christopher, I've still got a first generation DS but because of a broken right hinge, I bought myself a DS Lite earlier this year to wait it out and get the 3DS.
So I think the people it'll appeal to first is maybe the owners of the older generations of DS, and also just general gadget fans.
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Josef Brett Animator 9 years ago
Unless this is hideously expensive, it's looking like a day one buy for me.

At least my girlfriend will be happy as she can inherit my (rather decrepit) DS Lite!
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Shane Sweeney Academic 9 years ago
The Wii and Nintendo DS were launched at a profit? Who bought them indeed.
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