Mobile game spending predicted to hit $117bn by 2026

Report also says that non-game revenue will continue to outpace consumer game spending on the App Store

Today Sensor Tower released a new report that expects that by 2026, consumer spending for mobile games will reach $117 billion.

The analytics firm said that that game revenue will account for 43% of earnings on Apple's App Store by then, as it generates $70 billion.

Whereas Google Play mobile game spending for that year will make up 65% of revenue on the digital storefront at $47 billion.

Additionally, the report said that when including non-gaming apps, the mobile market will hit $233 billion in 2026.

Which would be an increase of 70% compared to the $137 billion consumer spending estimate for the year of 2022.

The report also says that non-game app spending on the App store will continue to outpace that of mobile games on the platform.

For they year of 2026, the digital storefront is expected to amass $70 billion for game apps whereas non-game apps will generate $91 billion.

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