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The SNES Mini comes out top

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Every now and then GfK games boss Dorian Bloch sends over something he knows I wouldn't be able to resist.

If I had his job and a database of the UK sales history for the games industry at my finger tips, I am not sure I'd ever get any work done. In recent months, Bloch has sent over the fastest and best-selling Gran Turismo games of all time, he gave us insight into how big the Metroid series has been in the UK over the past 25 years, and last month revealed the 30 biggest games brands in UK history.

Today it was all about retro consoles and micro consoles released since 2005. Basically, the other games machines that aren't a mainline Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox machine. For Bloch it was to mark the arrival of the A500 Mini retro console, but there's been a flurry of these alternative machines in recent months, including the Playdate, Steam Deck and Analogue Pocket.

GfK's data only tracks consoles sold via traditional retailers -- so companies such as Argos, GAME, Amazon, Tesco and so on. It doesn't track direct-to-market manufacturers, so a lot of those previously mentioned devices (including the Steam Deck and Playdate) are not factored in here.

For those consoles that are included (over 150 tracked devices), 1.5 million have been sold since 2005. It's not a huge number, but still roughly the install base of the N64. The charts are led by Nintendo's retro machines, and Bloch says that if more stock had been released of these, we can safely assume the overall sales number would be a lot higher.

There is a sub-set of these consoles called 'Home Computer Remakes'. The A500 Mini is the fastest-selling Home Computer Remake (based on week 1 sales) and is already the No.2 all-time seller.

The C64 Mini is the second fastest-selling Home Computer Remake, and currently the leading all-time seller in this category. The full-sized C64 reissue is the No.3 all-time seller and No.3 fastest-selling machince.

The UK's Best-Selling Retro, Micro and TV consoles

1Nintendo Classic Mini: SNESNintendo2017
2Nintendo Classic Mini: NESNintendo2016
3Sony PlayStation ClassicSony2018
4Sega Megadrive MiniSega2019
5Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Nintendo2020
6Sega Megadrive Flashback HD (85 Games)AT Games2018
7Namco 5 in 1 Stick TV Games SystemJakks Pacific2005
8PlayStation TV Sony2014
9Namco Ms Pac-Man Plug N Play Games Jakks Pacific2005
10Steam LinkSteam2015

The UK's Fastest-Selling (week one sales) Retro, Micro and TV consoles

1Nintendo Classic Mini: SNESNintendo2017
2Sony PlayStation ClassicSony2018
3Nintendo Classic Mini: NESNintendo2016
4Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Nintendo2020
5Sega Megadrive MiniSega2019
6The A500 MiniRetro Games/Koch2022
7The C64 MiniRetro Games/Koch2022
8PlayStation TV Sony2014
9Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda Nintendo2021

Excludes traditional home consoles and console handhelds. Includes all TV consoles, micro consoles and retro consoles, both handheld and home consoles.

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