During 2021 German consumer game spending amassed $11bn

Report says that sales for games, consoles, and online services hit $6bn throughout the year

Today a new report from the German Games Industry Association says that German consumer game spending reached $11 billion during 2021.

The figure represents a growth of 17% year-over-year when compared to 2020.

The data collected from market research firms GfK and went on to say that sales from games, games hardware and charges for online services generated $6 billion euros. Sales revenue grew by 19% year-over-year.

Hardware revenue hit $4 billion for the year as it grew by 18% when compared to 2020.

Regarding accessories and revenue, PC accessories brought in $1.6 billion, as it grew by 22%. Meanwhile console accessories amassed $332 million as it increased by 11% for consumer spending.

Additionally, the report said that consumer spending for online gaming service grew by 4% to a total $783 million.

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