Loop Hero developer encourages players to pirate the game

Four Quarters says “nothing wrong with torrents” amid financial sanctions in Russia

Russian developer Four Quarters, the studio behind roguelike Loop Hero, has encouraged fans to pirate the title following various sanctions in the country.

In a post shared to social network VK, as per Vice, the studio told those looking to secure a copy of Loop Hero to "raise the pirate flag," if they're unable to buy the game normally.

In a follow-up post, Four Quarters doubled down on the decision, and wrote: "We didn't do anything special, there's nothing wrong with torrents."

The studio also said that players have offered to send donations directly after sharing the link.

"We are very grateful for your support, but the truth is that everything is fine with us," it added. "Send this support to your family and friends at this difficult time."

The decision comes after many businesses in games have imposed sanctions on Russia and Belarus during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Among those are multiple platform holders; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all halted sales to the above countries, meaning players can no longer purchase games from their digital stores.

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