Steam Deck orders open February 25

Those with reserved units will have three days to confirm payment, consoles to ship at the end of next month

The first batch of pre-orders for the Steam Deck are expected to ship out by the end of next month.

On February 25, Steam will send out the first batch of emails to those with reservations on the handheld console. From there, customers will have three days to purchase it for a shipping date of February 28.

Those that don't pay for their reservation in that time period will lose their slot, and it'll be released to the next person in the queue. Steam plans to send out order confirmations in weekly batches.

Additionally, Steam Deck press units will start shipping on February 25, and the embargo for coverage will lift on the same day.

Valve unveiled the Steam Deck last July, an all-in-one PC that will allow Steam users to play games from their library.

At the time, Valve founder Gabe Newell said that "Steam Deck gives people another way to play games they love on a high-performance device at a great price."

Shortly after it was unveiled, we asked a number of developers how they think the Steam deck will affect the market, with some sharing the sentiment that the console could be a game changer for indies with a lot of work from Valve.

We also quizzed analysts on how the console will fare against the Switch OLED, which was unveiled just over a week before the Steam Deck.

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