Google Play Games app coming to Windows in 2022

Software will enable users to play mobile games on laptops and desktops, won't rely on cloud streaming

Google is bringing its mobile games marketplace to the PC ecosystem next year.

The company shared a teaser video during The Game Awards last week, which promises users will be able to play mobile titles on Windows devices at some point in 2022.

Little has been officially announced since then, although The Verge was able to glean more details from a Google spokesperson.

The app has been built internally at Google, rather than through a partnership with Microsoft, and will support Windows 10 and up, instead of relying on the recently launched Windows 11.

It's unclear how Google will emulate Android games on Windows, but the company has confirmed titles will run locally instead of using cloud streaming.

Users will be able to access their Google Play titles via desktops, laptops and Windows tables, and they will also be able to resume their game session from wherever they left off while playing on mobile.

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