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EGX 2021 to introduce remote exhibiting

Developers from around the world will be able to demonstrate their games to attendees - without travelling to London

The organisers of EGX are introducing a new option for the upcoming 2021 show enabling developers to demonstrate their games to players -- without physically attending the show.

As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, a combination of travel restrictions and the usual time and cost of attending a major games show means not everyone will be able to travel to London next month.

For those that prefer to stay at home, EGX is now offering remote exhibition options: essentially a typical demo stand for upcoming video games, but set up so the developer can access remotely from their studio, home or wherever they will be during the event.

Developers who take this option will need to send game code ahead of the show, which will be installed on machines bound for the show floor. The EGX organisers will then build the demo stand as normal, but developers will be able to access these machines remotely using Parsec.

While attendees will be able to play the game, control of the PC will stay with the developer so that players can't switch screens and enabling game makers to troubleshoot any issues remotely.

Each bank of two playing positions will have three screens: two for the game, and one for a Zoom call to the developer so they can converse with fans at their stand. Cameras will also enable them to gauge the players' reactions as they play, while special Discord channels will give them the ability to guide players and talk about the game as they play.

Developers will also be able to set up industry meetings using MeetToMatch and an EGX edition of Games Industry Gathering to network with fellow games professionals, plus they will get a free digital ticket to GI Live (our brand new event -- more details to follow soon). Indie developers physically attending will also get a free GI Live ticket.

For more information, please email

EGX 2021 will be hosted at London's Excel Centre and run from Thursday, October 7 to Sunday, October 10. It is organised by parent ReedPop.

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