Steam replacing Big Picture mode with Steam Deck UI

No ETA as of yet on when the swap will happen

Steam is looking to replace its Big Picture mode with the new UI shown with the upcoming Steam Deck.

That's according to a Valve spokesperson, who confirmed the news in a recent Steam community post.

"We are replacing Big Picture with the new UI from Deck," wrote Valve moderator austinp_Valve in response to a question regarding the potential transition.

"We don't have an ETA to share yet though."

Steam Deck preorders opened last Friday, with three different versions of the handheld PC up for reservation.

However, some buyers may be waiting a while to get the device in hand as an overwhelming number of orders caused Steam to push some shipping dates back as far as Q3 2022.

Yesterday, we spoke to a handful of independent developers to get their thoughts on the Steam Deck and how they hope it'll affect the PC gaming space. You can read that here.

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