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Apple App Store has generated $230bn for developers since launch

Company revealed the figure at WWDC event yesterday

Developers have made $230 billion from launching apps on the Apple App Store since 2008.

That's according to Apple, which shared the figure during its annual WWDC event yesterday. This figure includes revenue for non-gaming apps as well as gaming.

The $230 billion is an increase on the $155 billion the company had paid developers by 2020.

Up until recently, Apple took a 30% cut of app revenue generated through the App Store. The company has since changed that rule to benefit smaller developers -- lowering the cut to 15% for all developers earning less than a million dollars annually.

Meanwhile, it's worth remembering that Apple executives claimed that the company does not know whether the App Store is profitable during the recent Epic vs Apple antitrust lawsuit.

Last month's lawsuit saw Epic take on Apple in the courtroom after the company removed Fortnite from the App Store. Fortnite's removal was triggered by Epic's attempt to circumnavigate Apple's 30% cut by implementing its own payment system inside the game.

The jury is still out on the result of the trial, but you can catch up on the main events here.

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