Snowed In Studios launches Scarab Games

The newly created company aims at helping existing brands make it in the AAA games market

Snowed In Studios has announced the creation of Scarab Games, a company aiming at helping brands enter the AAA gaming market.

The newly created entity will be targeting Fortune 500 brands in particular, the announcement said, and give them the tools to create "entertainment experiences."

The announcement further said that Scarab Games will be positioning itself as "the single point of contact for CMOs to advance the goal of building a console or PC game for their customers."

To do so, it's partnering with marketing and advertising firm Neptune Agency.

The company will also be announcing its outside advisory board at a later date, which features "some of the highest profile names in the gaming industry," it said.

Ottawa-based Snowed In Studios was created in 2009 and focuses on engineering and co-development services in the AAA sector. It was acquired by Keywords Studios in 2018.

Snowed In Studios CEO, Jean-Sylvain Sormany, commented: "Our new Scarab division's team is custom-built to help brands develop and navigate their long-term engagement strategy with customers, through the rich world of gaming."

Ryan Valley, CEO of Neptune Agency, added: "Disruptive marketers know their brand has the power to extend to new media. What we do is provide a tutorial into the world of console and PC, that will give a famous brand the opportunity to build an experiential world that gamers can immerse themselves in."

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