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Ken and Roberta Williams making first game together in over 20 years

Founders of Sierra On-Line working on single-player project The Secret with 3D artist Marcus Maximus Mera

Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams announced today that they will be releasing a new game this year.

Their new title, The Secret is said to be "Sierra flavored" and will be their first new game in over 20 years.

The Secret will also be a collaboration between the Williams and 3D artist Marcus Maximus Mera.

"Roberta and I have been asked for decades whether we would ever produce another game, and we have always firmly said 'no'," explained Ken.

"This changed when Roberta had a clever idea for a game, at the same time I am having fun learning the Unity 3D development environment, and I happened to be chatting with a talented 3D artist."

The Williams founded Sierra On-Line in 1979, and built the company into a prolific producer of adventure games, including Space Quest, Police Quest, and Roberta's own King's Quest.

Both the Williams retired from game development in the late '90s.

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Oliver Jones Software Developer 16 days ago
This news warms the cockles of my heart.
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