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Tencent reportedly sued over Honor of Kings

Chinese public-interest group alleges game contains inappropriate content for minors

A Chinese public interest group today said it is suing Tencent over its game Honor of Kings, according to a Reuters report.

Beijing Teenagers Law Aid and Research Center claimed to have filed the lawsuit today, saying, "game characters' clothing is too revealing, while there is a lot of ... low-taste content that is inappropriate for teenagers on its website and forums."

The group also expressed concerns about Tencent gradually lowering the age limit of the game over the past four years, from 18 to its current age recommendation of 12.

On top of that, the group also said concerns that younger players are more likely to play the game longer due to in-game mechanics.

Reuters noted that this lawsuit follows antitrust crackdowns by Beijing on some of China's largest tech companies.

The publication also reported that China is planning to fine Tencent, "for anticompetitive practices in some businesses and for not properly reporting past acquisitions for antitrust reviews."

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