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Capcom reportedly mandated in-office working after security breach

Publisher said it complied with laws and staggered hours for employees working on-site during pandemic

In the wake of a security breach, Capcom required employees working remotely because of the pandemic to return to the office, according to Kotaku's translation of a Business Journal report.

In November, Capcom suffered a ransomware attack that could have compromised the personal information of hundreds of thousands of partners, current and former employees, and customers.

With the company unsure about the security of its remote working setups, it reportedly sent an email to developers saying, "We are abandoning the remote network for the time being, and it was decided there is no choice but to come to work."

Capcom addressed the report in a statement sent to Kotaku, saying, "Capcom strives to provide a workplace environment with the utmost consideration given to the health and safety of employees.

"We have implemented both staggered work hours and telecommuting to the greatest extent possible, while carrying out best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing at the office, checking employees' temperatures upon entry to the office and providing masks to all employees."

The original report also said the publisher wouldn't allow an employee union, which Capcom denied.

"While there are none currently active within the company, employees are free to form labor unions," Capcom told Kotaku. "Capcom strictly observes all relevant laws and regulations regarding employees forming labor unions.

"Capcom is committed to strictly observing all laws and regulations while furthering a working environment that prioritizes employee health, safety and peace of mind."

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