Xbox Series X previews report shorter load times, 802GB of usable storage

Quick Resume feature lets users quickly swap between multiple games

A number of previews for the Xbox Series X were published this morning, bringing reports of considerably faster load times, the convenience of quick resume, and less storage space than expected.

According to IGN, the next-gen machine marketed with 1TB of storage really only has 802 GB, as 198 GB is dedicated to the OS and system files.

An official storage expansion is available that ups that number by 920 GB, but it costs $220.

It is currently not known what the comparable situation on the Series S will be in terms of storage space.

The Verge's preview highlighted improved load times, offering a number of examples of shortened loads when compared to the Xbox One X, even without Xbox Series X enhancements being implemented.

For example, Destiny 2 load times were reduced from one minute and 52 seconds to 43 seconds; Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped from one minute and 35 seconds to 52 seconds, and Sea of Thieves plummeted from one minute and 21 seconds to only 20 seconds.

GameSpot shared a few even more dramatic drops, including Red Dead Redemption's load time going from two minutes and eight seconds all the way down to 38 seconds.

Other features highlighted in the above previews include the ability to match with players on Xbox One in first-party multiplayer titles, and a Quick Resume function that allows players to quickly swap between games -- with The Verge saying it seemed to work fine up to about five games running at once.

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Pete Quality Manager, Nokia24 days ago
Raw(empty) size is the standard way of listing drive size, so while perhaps a bit misleading to some casual users anyone who's ever bought a PC will understand the convention, but to add a bit more information for your readers a large portion of the 198GB is used for the save states for suspend and resume which according to one hands on (Austin Evens I think) can be turned off. So if you don't or wont use quick resume you'll be able to gain that storage back by turning it off.
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