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Disintegration sunsets its multiplayer mode for good

Developer V1 Interactive says the game struggled to build a big enough multiplayer audience

V1 Interactive has announced it is sunsetting Disintegration's multiplayer mode, just three months after the game launched.

In a blog post, the studio said the termination would be done in phases over the coming months, beginning today with the in-game store and completing on November 17.

The game's single-player mode will remain available.

"From both the development team at V1 Interactive and publishing group at Private Division, we stand by the creative risks taken to launch such a unique, genre-bending game created by this small but talented and passionate team," the blog post continued.

"While our player base showed interest in the single-player campaign, the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience. After weighing options, we have collectively made the decision to sunset the multiplayer support.

"We believe the video game industry needs constant innovation, and we will continue to take risks, follow creative visions, and support new ideas."

Disintegration was published through Take-Two's Private Division label, and according to CEO Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two regarded the game's performance as "a bit disappointing".

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