Over 35 Oculus Quest games have generated revenue in the millions

Four titles have made over $3 million, three have made over $5 million

Over 35 games on Oculus Quest have generated revenue in the millions from Quest content alone.

This is according to Facebook VP of content Mike Verdu, speaking during today's Facebook Connect Event, where he also shared an infographic with further breakdown of revenues.

Per the infographic, 20 Quest titles brought in over $1 million, 11 Quest titles have made over $2 million, four games had seen over $3 million in revenue, and three had made over $5 million.

Though he did not identify many of these games, Verdu also noted that Downpour Creative's first-person shooter Onward had made $1 million in the first four days after it launched this summer -- faster than any other title on the platform so far.

Additionally, Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted saw $1 million in eight days.

Facebook announced these milestones alongside the unveiling of its Oculus 2 headset today, a reveal that included the announcement of Ubisoft making new Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell titles exclusively for the Oculus Quest.

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