The National Videogame Museum reopens this weekend

After fears that COVID-19 would mean permanent closure, UK museum to reopen with new safety precautions

The UK National Videogame Museum is reopening on August 22, 2020 after having been closed since March due to COVID-19.

The reopening comes alongside a number of new safety precautions being mandated by the museum, including pre-bookings, limited visiting slots, face mask requirements, sanitization procedures, and more.

Earlier this year as COVID-19 lockdowns began to take effect, there were concerns that the museum would be forced to close permanently due to a lack of funds.

However, a fundraiser for the museum raised over £200,000 to support the institution, well over the £80,000 fundraising goal.

The NVM first opened in November 2018, and in 2019 saw over 40,000 visitors total.

"We're tentatively excited to be welcoming our visitors back to this new NVM experience, which is possible thanks to the dedication and imagination of our amazing team," said Iain Simons, NVM director of culture.

"Our community of patrons and friends have kept us going through lockdown with extraordinary levels of support. Like everyone else, we're only just discovering what post-lockdown operation will be, so whilst we're nervously excited - we're also delighted to be welcoming people back to the NVM."

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