Amazon rebrands Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

Name change explained as a move toward a more platform-agnostic vision

Amazon has rebranded Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming as part of a move to broaden its audience and appeal across a wider audience and more platforms.

The naming convention has already switched over on the official landing page for the service, though the nuances of Prime Gaming remain the same: the service is bundled with Amazon Prime, which costs $12.99 a month, and includes free games and in-game rewards for a number of titles each month, as well as a single free channel subscription each month on Twitch and exclusive cosmetic platform rewards.

"It has nothing negative to do about Twitch," said Larry Plotnick, director of Prime Gaming, as reported by The Washington Post.

"We love Twitch. We're still very deeply partnered with them. But the goal here is really to reach as broad of an audience as possible, reach as many gamers as possible."

Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014, and Twitch Prime was first announced and launched in 2016.

Its reward programs began to expand in 2018 with the addition of free full game titles alongside various in-game rewards for certain titles.

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