Are video games too long? | Podcast

The team comments on the debate sparked by former PlayStation exec Shawn Layden

Matt, Brendan, Marie and Chris are on hand to discuss the biggest games industry topics of the week.

The most prominent subject has been the latest wave of allegations concerning abuse, bullying and harassment that have emerged across the industry.

Since the podcast is not the best forum for such a discussion, we instead direct you to our detailed coverage on the site:

This episode focuses primarily on the subject of game length, following comments from former PlayStation executive Shawn Layden, who said he would "welcome the return of the 12 to 15 hour game."

This has reignited the ongoing debate about whether video games are too long, particularly in the AAA space. The team offers their thoughts on whether the biggest games are too big, and whether Layden is correct in calling this model "unsustainable."

We also discuss recent comments from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who said the cellphone-style payment program All Access will be "critical" to selling Xbox Series X.

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DAVID FAHRENHOLZ Software Engineer/Game designer 2 months ago
The length is not the issue per se but the proliferation of micro transactions which dictate endless dlc and upgrades to justify the FTP genre. Additionally the publishers are not interested in a good story board, just graphics and profit. Damn the playability.
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Bob Johnson Studying graphics design, Northern Arizona University2 months ago
A lot of good pts. We aren't the audience any more sums up a lot of it.

And don't think the console audience can expand. I think people who want to play CoD play CoD.

F2P mobile shows how to expand the audience.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Bob Johnson on 1st July 2020 6:00am

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