Microsoft makes $250,000 donation for Pride Month

"A dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change," says tech giant

In honour of Pride Month, Microsoft is donating $250,000 to LGBTQI+ and racial equity nonprofits around the world.

The tech giant has also launched a new limited range of Pride-themed merchandise. However, it is not donating any of the proceeds to LGBTQI+ organisations or communities, raising concerns about corporate appropriation of Pride,

In a statement to, Micorosft said: "We're making a $250,000 donation to nonprofits around the world to help in their fight for LGBTQI+ rights and racial equity.

"The donation is a mechanism we have used to contribute sales profits to LGBTQI+ communities and far exceeds the amount that proceeds alone would have generated."

Through its Play with Pride campaign, Microsoft says it hopes to help battle discrimination through dialogue.

"When we speak, people react. Often with messages of support, and sometimes with labels and words of discouragement," said Microsoft.

"The latter was the case for our last year's campaign. That's why LGBTQI+ people at Microsoft are embracing the uncomfortable and inviting all to a dialogue. Because a dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change."

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