Ex-Wargaming UK head founds Absolutely Games

James Brooksby previously founded Born Ready Studios and Edge Case Games

Former Wargaming UK head James Brooksby has founded a new studio, Absolutely Games.

The new developer will be based in Guildford, one of the key industry hubs in the UK. It has a team of seven people at present, and is working on a premium strategy title.

The initial funding round for the company was led by Rebellion's Chris Kingsley and joined by Cedric Littardi of Anime Virtual.

"The culture and values of the new studio are very important to me -- we will be making smart choices and excellent games," Brooksby said in a statement. "However, there must be a focus on those games and their players -- no nonsense around the edges."

Brooksby also added that Absolutely Games would have a mentality of "no BS, no politics" when it comes to making its products.

Prior to founding Absolutely Games, Brooksby had started two different companies: Born Ready Studios and Edge Case Games, which it sold to Wargaming in November 2018.

Brooksby stayed at Wargaming UK as studio director, before leaving to start Absolutely Games. It plans to launch its first game in 2021.

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Nicholas Lovell Founder, Gamesbrief13 days ago
I wonder what "no BS, no politics" means?
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Evtim Trenkov Founder, Playright Games13 days ago
Good luck! Awesome to see more companies forming in Guildford! Punching above its weight!
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