Nintendo sues Switch hack resellers in ongoing fight against Team Xecutor

Platform holder continues to crack down on groups enabling pirated games to run on its console

Nintendo has filed two lawsuits against resellers offering hacks for the Switch.

Polygon reports the suits were filed on Friday; one in an Ohio court against Tom Dilts Jr and the UberChips website he allegedly runs, the other in a Seattle court against the anonymous defendants behind nine websites.

The two filings read much the same, with the platform holder asserting that the defendants "offer to the public devices, the sole purpose of which is to hack the Nintendo Switch video game console in order to allow people to play pirated video games."

Both suits claim the products the defendants sell are from anonymous hacking group Team Xecuter, which produces the SX OS and "accompanying piracy tools that install it."

At the time of writing, all nine sites from the second suit are still live and offering the Xecutor hacks for Nintendo Switch.

However, UberChips appears to be offline, allegedly for maintenance, with a statement telling visitors: "An unfortunate set of events has happened."

The site says it is cancelling all pre-orders for its SX products and will begin processing refunds immediately.

"We intended no harm selling pre-orders of this product," the site reads.

Nintendo is requesting permanent injunctions against the websites, plus $2,500 for each trafficking violation across the two cases.

The platform holder won an injunction against another seller that had been offering Team Xecuter's products back in January.

It also secured a UK High Court order that requires internet service providers to block access to four sites offering the SX Pro, two of which were run by Team Xecuter.

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