Maze Theory raises 1.4m for Doctor Who VR trilogy

Studio receives investment from UK Creative Content EIS Fund, plus a second grant from government programme

UK virtual reality developer Maze Theory has secured additional funding for its projects amounting to £1.4 million.

The bulk of this is a £1.1 million investment from the UK Creative Content EIS Fund, an initiative run with the help of the British Film Institute.

Maze Theory is the third company to receive investment from this fun, following TV and film production companies Wonderhood Studios and Raindog Films.

The UK developer has also received a second grant from the Audiences of the Future programme, which is run by government funding agency UK Research and Innovation.

This grant pours an additional £300,000 into the studio.

The funding will be used to bring its VR game based on popular TV series Peaky Blinders to other platforms when it launches next year.

It is also expanding its plans for Doctor Who video games. Having already released VR adventure The Edge of Time last year, the studio now plans to launch titles early next year: one for PC and consoles, and another for mobile developed with Kaigan Games.

Maze Theory says these two projects will form a trilogy with The Edge of Time.

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Nick Parker Consultant 25 days ago
Well done Maze Theory; great momentum building for this next year.
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