Sony reportedly limiting PS5 launch window to 6m units

But sources suggests COVID-19 has not affected production of next-generation console

Sony is reportedly planning for a more cautious start to the next console generation by limiting the number of PlayStation 5 units it ships in the first year.

Sources told Bloomberg the platform holder and its assembly partners will manufacture just five to six million units of the PS5 by March 2021, the end of the fiscal year.

With PS5 targeting a holiday 2020 release, that would be the end of the console's second quarter. By comparison, PS4 sold 7.5 million units in its first two quarters.

Sony declined to comment.

Sources claimed that, while Sony's marketing plans for PS5 have been affected, the COVID-19 pandemic has had no impact on its manufacturing process.

Instead, the reason for the limited run is partly because Sony expects the PS5's high-end specs to lead to a high price at launch, which will affect demand.

Bloomberg claims that the console is expected to sell for between $499 and $549, with the rising cost and scarcity of components forcing Sony to raise the price in order to break even. Earlier this year, it was reported the PS5 could cost around $450 per unit to make.

There have been concerns that disruption caused by COVID-19 could lead to PS5 or its rival Xbox Series X being delayed into 2021. However, Sony recently released a statement that this is currently not the case.

Earlier this month, the platform holder unveiled the new DualSense controller -- our only hint as to the design of the console so far.

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Andrew Mehta Director, United Games Limited2 years ago
It's all very interesting! I wonder who will sell the most when straight out of the starting blocks? Microsoft or Sony? I guess it could be different in different territories. I couldn't afford a Switch at launch, and so planned to wait a year, when a bartender told me he'd just bought one using a 12-month payment plan with GAME, and I ended up getting one within the launch window afterall via a 12-month interest-free credit ARGOS deal. It would have been painful on the interest if I'd failed to pay the full amount off within the 12-months, but I somehow managed it, and I saw MCV's March issue mention the Xbox All Access scheme with GAME and Smyth Toys, where you pay monthly and get a console and games. While it does still appear to be a credit card with window dressing, with all the trappings of debt, it still raises this question of whether there are going to be new ways to pay in this next generation beyond just dropping such a high amount in one go. Personally, I feel I won't get the most out of next-gen unless I'm also dropping money on a HDR TV things could get expensive, just when we're trying to ration our savings to get us through lockdown...
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