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Panic Art Studios CEO posts racist remarks on Twitter

Elias Viglione describes outburst as "moment of temporary insanity"

Panic Art Studios studios CEO Elias Viglione has backtracked after posting a series of racist tweets allegedly inciting violence against immigrants.

The tweets appeared during the small hours of Saturday morning, and freelance esports social media manager Nasim Haque was able to capture the expletive-laden thread before it was removed.

He threatened to focus his future investments to "kill as many of these animals as possible," adding that it was his "life goal from now on."

Viglione has since shut down his personal Twitter account, and the official Panic Art Studios Twitter account was locked for several days.

In a statement to, Viglione described the outburst as a "moment of temporary insanity."

"I was in a psychotic state after almost being robbed and beaten to a pulp by five immigrants who accused me of drugging someone inside the bar I was in with my friends," he said.

"I have bad ADHD and most likely schizophrenia; I am seeing a psychiatrist and trying to cope with life being overworked burned out and anxious all the time.

"I removed the tweets as fast as possible, and my Twitter account to protect myself from this kind of situation. What I said was disgusting and inhumane, so yes I am very sorry to anyone who was affected by this."

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (3)

Gryff Derrick Student Games Developer A year ago
I have ADHD too, but never have racist outbursts due to crappy situations.

Seems there's some underlying beliefs there and the ADHD just makes him more impulsive/likely to say something. If he's seeing a psychiatrist then hopefully that'll help.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Gryff Derrick on 26th February 2020 5:53pm

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Shaun Wall UX Designer, Unit 2 GamesA year ago
Ah yes, just like that pesky Ambien causing totally out of character racist outbursts, or "I was drunk" - These beliefs and feelings already exist, it just took a momentary lapse of social control to bring them out.

Even afterwards, he's still blaming "immigrants" as the cause of his racist remarks. Says it all.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Shaun Wall on 27th February 2020 10:52am

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