ArtCraft raises $11.7m for Crowfall

Latest surge of funding set to push the MMO toward planned 2020 launch

ArtCraft Entertainment has raised $11.7 million in a Series-A funding round expected to push its upcoming MMO, Crowfall, to an imminent beta and release.

Crowfall has seen considerable investment from multiple sources over the course of its development, bringing in over $5.7 million in crowdfunding pledges and an additional $30 million in funding from other sources such as technology licensing, distribution agreements, and investment rounds. Its total funding reached $20 million as of 2018 and is now well over that number.

ArtFall also formed a new division last year to focus on creation of an MMO game engine for wider use, based on the Crowfall engine.

"The timing of this round is perfect, as we gear up to start beta this quarter," said ArtCraft co-founder Gordon Walton. "More than 300-thousand players have signed up to help us test the game in beta, which will give us the scale we need to make sure the service is ready at launch."

Crowfall is currently in an internal beta, and is expected to launch fully sometime this year.

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