Mobile gaming projected to surpass $100b in spend in 2020

App Annie: Mobile games now bring in more spending than all other game types combined

Mobile gaming continued to grow in 2019, with App Annie predicting the industry is on track to surpass $100 billion in revenue across all mobile app stores in 2020.

According to its State of Mobile 2020 report, mobile game spending neared $90 billion in 2019, and made up 56% of all gaming spending last year. Mobile game spend was 2.4 times that of spending on PC and Mac, and 2.9 times that on console.

In total, App Annie found 1121 mobile games that brought in over $5 million, and 140 games that brought in over $100 million.

By downloads, casual arcade games made up 47% of all mobile game downloads, with casual puzzle games making up 21%. Overall, all casual games made up 82% of all mobile game downloads.

But despite only making up 18% of all downloads, "core" games made up 55% of time spent in them. Broken down, action games took up 38% of the total, RPGs made up 7%, and other genres were 10%. Core games also made up 76% of spend, led by RPGs with 38% of the total.

App Annie also provided the following breakdown of top games by consumer spend, by country:

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