38 reasons why 2019 was not all bad

From charitable acts to crank-powered consoles, we round-up the best things to happen in the games industry over the past 12 months

It's true that 2019 has been a rough year for many reasons.

Rebekah did a superb (if depressing) round-up of those reasons, but as the year draws to an end, it's important to also reflect on the positives -- whether that's our favourite games of the year, the growth of the global games market, or some of the wonderful companies and individuals driving us forward.

And, lest we forget, we work in an industry dedicated to video games, an immersive form of entertainment specifically designed to elicit joy or exhilaration from its audience.

Through this lens, there has been plenty happening in 2019 to be happy about, and we thought we'd round off the year with a collection of all the very best examples.

So, in no particular order...

1. "You're breathtaking"

Let's start with the obvious, right? Keanu Reeves' surprise appearance at E3 2019 won the hearts of gamers everywhere, thanks to two simple words.

2. Swery and Suda51 get so drunk they can't remember the game they designed

Two notable Japanese games developers finally collaborating together is already newsworthy. The fact that whenever they have met up so far, copious amounts of alcohol have prevented them from remembering their ideas and decisions (resulting in them essentially brainstorming live on stage) was an added delight. Oh, and the publisher said to be bringing this project to market has no knowledge of any such agreement. Not the biggest story of the year, but it's one that just keeps on giving.

3. Nintendo gets the obvious Bowser joke out of the way

After Nintendo of America's popular president Reggies Fils-Aime retired, the wonderfully named Doug Bowser took his place. Bowser got his most public outing to date in Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct and the platform holder couldn't resist the opportunity for another riff off his name.

4. Early payout for Psychonauts 2 investors after Microsoft acquisition

Microsoft's slew of studio acquisitions continued in 2019 with the shock purchase of Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine. The Psychonauts 2 developer is now part of the Xbox family of game studios -- and this turned out to be good news for investors in the upcoming adventure. Because Microsoft also spent $1 million on Fig's publishing rights for Psychonauts 2, every $500 share people had taken in the game saw a 139% return. Fig also said it will be paying out a dividend of 85% rather than the previously listed 70%. Not a bad result for those Psychonauts fans.

5. Untitled Goose Game gets a shoutout at a Blink-182 concert

The mischief-based goose 'em up reached a level of mainstream attention that few indie games achieve when Blink-182 vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus shared his love of the game on stage.