To find new games, more women value social circles, while men look to influencers

Newzoo: More women than men tend to value games that are easy to pick up and play quickly

Though the breakdown of gamers by gender is essentially equal, men and women tend to have different values when it comes to game discovery and gameplay.

In an analysis from Newzoo, the market intelligence firm found that women predominantly discover new titles through social connections, while men prefer online authoritative sources.

Per a survey of around 8,000 invitation-only respondents, 45% of women discover games through friends and family and 20% through social networks, compared to 32% and 16% of men, respectively. But 29% of men are alerted to new titles they want to play through online video channels and 19% do so through review sites, compared to 16% and 13% of women.

Another difference was demonstrated in gameplay preferences, with more men expressing preferences for completing objectives and achieving goals, challenging strategic aspects, player or character progression, and exploring worlds than women. The one area that more women expressed interest in than men was games that are easy to quickly pick up and play. This is somewhat demonstrated by what Newzoo reports as the top three most common games men played in the last three months (Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Super Mario) versus the top three that women played (Candy Crush, Super Mario, The Sims).

However, though there were distinct differences in what gameplay aspects mattered more, every category had interest from both men and women, and the biggest split in interest was a difference of only 13% (50% of men interested in exploring worlds and storylines vs. 37% of women).

Image Credit: Newzoo

Image Credit: Newzoo

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Latest comments (2)

Evtim Trenkov Founder, Playright Games11 months ago
Great piece!
So actually having great word of mouth seems to be, according to the survey, the best way to get your game discovered. That being said - the game itself has to deliver and great marketing is not the highest ranking result in the survey.
If it was broken down per platform, I'd expect that mobile games would have had highest discoverability in social media I think, based on previous experience. But it can still depend on the genre.
Definitely for indie titles, especially family ones I'd guess social circles is the best way to get discovered.
Btw, GI.Biz I think this title is a bit misleadling. Both men and women point out "discover games through friends and family" as their top way to discover games. 32% of men did that vs only 19% who said they discover games through review sites. Unless by influencers you meant both "online video channels" and "reviews sites" - 48% combined - in which case it is fair enough.
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Rebekah Valentine Senior Staff Writer, GamesIndustry.biz11 months ago
Hey, thanks Evtim. My understanding of the survey group is that it was a fairly even split between men and women, so the "More" attached the women in the headline makes it an accurate statement. I was using social circles as shorthand for social networks and family friends, and influencers for both online video channels and review sites. Would've been a bit of a bulky headline otherwise. :)
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