Pokémon fans rally around Game Freak amid Sword and Shield unrest

The new Nintendo Switch games are due out this week

Pokémon fans have made #ThankYouGameFreak trend worldwide ahead of the launch of the new Nintendo Switch games, Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The unofficial hashtag campaign is designed to counter-act some of the negativity that has come Game Freak's way surrounding criticism of the upcoming game. Some fans have felt dismayed by what is a perceived lack of innovation in the new title, plus the news that hundreds of classic Pokémon will not be included in this new title. A recently leak around the title has exacerbated the issue.

The firm has since cancelled its launch event for the game in Tokyo, citing 'operational reasons'.

However, the anger is not an emotion shared by everyone and the hashtag campaign is designed to show positivity towards the developer ahead of the new game's launch. It was initiated by Pokémon YouTuber MysticUmbreon, who was reacting to death threats he saw aimed at Game Freak employees.

Others have used the hashtag to discuss their favourite characters and games, and the influence the franchise has had on their careers.