Sony considering sale of PlayStation Vue

Live TV streaming service has reportedly failed to turn a profit since launching in 2015

Sony is reportedly looking to sell off its live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue.

As reported by The Information, sources close to the matter claim that PlayStation Vue is up for sale, having failed to turn a profit since launching in March 2015.

With around 500,000 subscribers, Sony has raised the price three times, most recently last summer when it increased to $50 a month.

PlayStation Vue has not featured prominently in Sony's marketing push, indicating the service isn't a priority for the company.

Similar services like DirectTV, which is part of AT&T, are also struggling. Over the past few quarters, the service has seen its subscriber numbers dwindle from 1.9 million to 1.3 million.

However, other services like Sling and Hulu Live are performing well, and the sale price for PlayStation Vue is expected to be in the tens of millions, despite its problems.

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