Should Nintendo go third-party? answers gamers' questions at EGX 2019

Watch the full video of our panel session, which also covers the expectations for Stadia and when (if) Half-Life 3 is coming out

The team were on stage at EGX 2019 yesterday, answering consumer questions about the inner workings of the industry -- and you can watch the session in full below.

For our panel, 'Should Nintendo go third-party? And other questions', we tackled questions gathered from the public and the audience on some of the biggest topics in gaming.

In addition to the notion of platform holders publishing titles on each other's consoles, we also discussed the decline of games retail, expectations for Stadia and streaming, and whether we'll ever see a Half-Life 3.

Also, be sure to listen out for a question from Gfinity director and former Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton, who came along to watch.

We'll be releasing the audio from this session as an episode of The Podcast on Monday, October 21. You can watch the full session below.

If you're at EGX, you'll still find plenty from in and around the show floor. In addition to our usual Careers Fair (for which full programme and list of portfolio reviewers can be found here), members of the team will be hosting more panels throughout the weekend -- find the details here.

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James Batchelor UK Editor, GamesIndustry.biz2 years ago
@Jim Webb: There are still plenty of Xbox/PlayStation owners that don't follow gaming news and only have a rudimentary understanding of the industry who want to play Nintendo games. A friend of mine genuinely asked why he can't get Mario Kart on Xbox.
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