Riot Games files trademark lawsuit against esports organisation Riot Squad

The League of Legends developer says the copyright infringement has caused “irreparable damage”

Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against esports organisation Riot Squad for copyright infringement over its name.

In a complaint filed on October 7 in the US District Court for the Central District of California, Riot Games stated that the Chicago-based esports company has deliberately chosen this name in the hope that it'd be mistakenly associated with the League of Legends developer.

The lawsuit added that Riot Squad has "unfairly and unlawfully adopted and exploited the Riot brand name in connection with its marketing, advertising, and promotion of a nascent esports organisation."

Riot Games also condemned the prominent use of the word 'Riot' in the esports organisation's merchandise, which can be seen in this tweet.

The company further said that the choice of name can't be a coincidence as not only the two companies both work in esports, but "Riot Squad's apparent mission statement-to create an esports organisation 'by gamers, for gamers' - mirrors the guiding principle on which Riot [Games] was founded more than a decade ago, and with which it continues to be identified to this day."

The developer also pointed out in the lawsuit that the Riot Squad's actions "have caused and, unless restrained by [a] Court, will continue to cause Riot [Games] to suffer great and irreparable damage and injury."

Riot Games is asking for compensatory and punitive damages, as well as for Riot Squad to pay over all profits derived from the use of the name, reimburse the costs of the lawsuit, and destroy "all materials that bear the infringing marks."

Riot Squad is a fairly new esports organisation, having only been founded in 2019.

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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments3 months ago
"Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against esports organisation Riot Squad for copyright infringement over its name."

Trademark infringement, surely?
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Well, every case has to be judged on its individual merits, which is a matter for the courts to decide, but in all fairness, I've never been particularly happy about companies choosing any random pre-existing common name in the english language and then trying to make it their own using cash and lawyers, if you want to own a name invent one or at least make sure its something you gotto look up in an obsecure table like google or something, riot is hardly original, and frankly neither the e-sports team nor the game company have any legitimate business in my humble opinion complaining about its use in any which way.

If they want to make those sorts of claims, make a real name, dont just nick one out of the book of common phrases and expect exclusive use out of it from now on, utillizing the might makes right principal with the aid of lawyers and cash, and then act shocked that your unoriginal idea sounded appealing to others as well.

Unfortunatly lawyers make far to much money dealing with cases related to so called trademark infrigment for any judge, who all use to be lawyers to ever throw out these sorts of claims on common words for the farcial basis on which they should be judged.

I'm not saying you cant use a common phrase, only you should not be able to own it, nor in a world of 9 billion people, a fair proportion of which use english as a language of international communication should it be acceptable or permissable to hog that common word for an entire sector of any industry for yourself simply because you chose it first and or you got more lawyers on call.

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