Raw Fury opens new Croatian studio

Stockholm-based publisher also moves main offices within the city as team expands

Swedish publisher Raw Fury opened a new studio in Zagreb, Croatia at the start of September, alongside a move of the company's main office to a new location within Stockholm.

The new Croatian location will serve primarily as a technical support studio, assisting the company with things like porting, code optimization, feature development, testing, and other activities. It will also support the development of the Kingdom franchise, which it acquired the rights to earlier this year.

The company has also moved locations within Stockholm to accommodate the company's growth, with the studio now consisting of close to 40 employees spread across five countries.

With the announcement of the studio movements, founder Jonas Antonsson added an affirmation of the company's principles.

"Way too often we focus on the negative and toxic parts of the gaming culture that we have collectively created," he said. "And the focus is there because there is truth to it. But we believe that there is a silent majority of gamers out there that think like us. That are open-minded, liberal, and inclusive. That want games to reflect the best of us, not the worst. That see games as a medium of hope in a world that has - in my personal view - gone a little bleak in the last few years. A way to transcend and to connect with humanity - just like all the other art forms allow us to do."

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