Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign isn't actually about funding

Gearbox launches $1 Fig campaign to get series fans investing in upcoming project

A crowdfunding campaign has begun for Homeworld 3, with a funding goal of just $1.

Unsurprisingly, backers have already pledged considerably more than that. At the time of writing, the game's Fig total stands at $434,500 from 2,413 -- and there are still 27 days to go.

Homeworld 3 and its campaign were announced during PAX West this weekend. It is being developed by Blackbird Interactive, a studio founded by the original game's art director Rob Cunningham, with the support of the Gearbox Publishing team that helped bring Homeworld Remastered Collection to market.

In an FAQ at the bottom of the Fig page, Gearbox explained the reason it's only asking for $1 is "because we want it to be clear that the game is on a solid foundation, funding-wise."

It continued: "We're partnering with Fig to give back to longtime fans who have sustained Homeworld for 20 years by giving them a chance to invest in Homeworld 3's success and help us understand the game they've been dreaming about."

Given Homeworld 3 is already on a "solid foundation, funding-wise," it's not clear what the excess funds from this campaign will be used for. has reached out for comment.

The choice of Fig as a crowdfunding platform means backers will be able to invest in a way that yields a share of the profits when the game eventually launches, currently earmarked for Q4 2022.

Gearbox is also talking up the ability for fans to get involved in the game's development, initially via a backer-only survey that will gauge expectations for Homeworld 3's "features, priorities and even what the collector's edition will include."

The publisher emphasised that Homeworld 3 is at an "incredibly early" stage, just a few months into pre-production.

Backers are also invited to invest $500 in shares of Fig itself, which will generate returns based on the platform's share of Homeworld 3's sales revenue. These investors will also get a copy of the game.

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Gareth Martin Senior Progammer, Coconut LizardA year ago
Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign isn't actually about funding
You don't say...

I think people are wise to how crowdfunding of big games by established studios works these days, especially when they only asked for $1!

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