Apple delays new rules around data tracking in kids' games

"We aren't backing off on this important issue, but we are working to help developers get there"

Apple will delay implementing its new rules around ads and analytics in iOS apps aimed at kids.

The company behind the App Store had planned to introduce the new rules next month, but it has told The Washington Post that it has been pushed back to give developers more time.

"We aren't backing off on this important issue, but we are working to help developers get there," Apple's Fred Sainz said.

Sainz also said that "generally we have heard from them that there is widespread support for what we are trying to do to protect kids."

The changes -- which were announced at WWDC in June -- are designed to offer better protection to children, and include restrictions on third-party analytics software and on the way that advertising is bought and placed.

The Washington Post's article features a number of developers who suggest that Apple is exercising too much power with these changes, harming businesses who are doing nothing wrong in the process.

A similar point was made by a group of developers who brought a class-action lawsuit against the company in June, accusing Apple of anti-competitive practices that allow it to "abuse its market power."

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