Browser-based game platform Hiber closes $1m seed funding round

"We have seen what the democratisation of content creation has done to other sectors, and the gaming industry will follow suit," says lead investor Luminar Ventures

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - August 7, 2019 - Hiber AB today announced they have closed their seed funding round led by Stockholm-based Luminar Ventures.

The company has a beta version of its browser-based game and entertainment creation platform online at, where creators and players can already build and share games on the platform today.

The funding brings the current total investment in the platform to almost $1 million and will allow the company to reach its next milestones as it rolls out globally.

"The gaming Industry is the largest, and the fastest growing, entertainment sector globally," said Jacob Key, founding partner at Luminar Ventures.

"The talented team at Hiber is now removing the barriers for anyone to create, share and play their own, and each other's, games directly in the web-browser, which will enable an entire new and giant UGC vertical to emerge.

"We have seen what the democratisation of content creation has done to other sectors, and the gaming industry will follow suit. Just faster, bigger and more viral."

"We're creating a gaming and entertainment platform where people can play and experience personalised content or create their own, together with friends, and without the need to code, directly in an Internet browser," said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber AB.

"The Seed Funding is a proof point to us that we are on the right track and that our plans have been validated by some very accomplished investors."

In HiberWorld, people don't need to know how to code in order to become a creator. They just need an idea for a game, and the passion to build it. Anyone can make even more complex games if they have programming skills, but HiberWorld is for everyone, regardless of their skill set.

Currently, Hiber has a beta version released, an updated version coming in the next few months, and a roadmap for some pretty jaw-dropping tools that will truly expand the opportunity for creating games and entertainment, while allowing for more complexity as well, all in a browser.

Hiber is leveraging the billions of devices where games and entertainment can currently be consumed and enabling creators to target those devices while building their own entertainment experiences to share with others.

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