Tencent and Nintendo to host Switch press conference in China on August 2

Shanghai event is the first official update since Tencent was cleared to distribute the console in China

Nintendo and Tencent are set more details on the planned launch of the Switch in China.

The two companies will host a joint press conference in Shanghai on August 2, where they will offer the first official update since announcing their partnership in April. Steven Ma, senior vice president of Tencent, and Nintendo executive Satoru Shibata will both be at the event.

On Twitter, the prominent Tokyo-based consultant Dr Serkan Toto said that the press conference arrives in the wake of Tencent "opening official, Switch-related social media accounts" in China.

Tencent was cleared to distribute the Switch in China back in April, and that caused a significant increase in Nintendo's share price.

Exactly how lucrative the Chinese market could be for the Switch remains to be seen. In May, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said "we don't expect our video game business in China to easily expand."

"The reality... is that the Chinese games market is almost all mobile games and PC games," he added. "The market for dedicated video game platforms has not been very large, so we recognise that this will be a new challenge for us."

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Latest comments (1)

Payton Liu Production Support Analyst, IBM ChinaA year ago
I really don't want to shoot this one down, but couldn't resist.

Nintendo, please spare us the corporate speaks -
The market for dedicated video game platforms has not been very large, so we recognise that this will be a new challenge for us.
Really? Did you just pretend iQue (N64 based console) and iDS (NDS based handheld) never happened? You've failed twice before in China, so 3rd time a charm?

I don't know what Tencent is giving you, but are you sure you can pass these obstacles:
* Censorship - No one is interested in a console with a handful of games.
* Parents - How are you gonna convince Chinese parents that a gaming only device is good for their children's exam scores?
* Existing grey market - Switch consoles are being sold in China here, just not officially. How are you going to do about them?

Most of the Chinese adults who want a Switch is likely to already have bought it. So where is your market? Have you researched the current marketplace thoroughly?
You may get some sales in major cities, but not much in 3rd or 4th line cities, and I haven't even mentioned towns and villages. Yes, China has a huge population, but the bulk of them don't have leisure cash to spend on entertainments. In addition, China's economy is slowing down right now with people cutting back even more spendings. In other words, Nintendo couldn't have picked a worse time to get back to China's gaming market.

I hope Nintendo can do well in China, but the reality doesn't add up, to me at least.
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