Game Seer Venture Partners launches with €10m fund

Company will invest up to €1.5 million in PC and console games, doesn't require long-term plans

A new venture capital firm has emerged and plans to invest €10 million in promising game projects by 2022.

Game Seer Venture Partners is a privately-owned investment fund that launches this month and seeks to co-finance games by developers around the world.

The company is focusing on PC and console games targeting the core games audience, but is also open to "innovative indie projects."

The initial €10 million is planned to be spread over three years, with investments on offer ranging from €100,000 to €1.5 million -- although the founders say they are flexible is a particularly impressive project requires more.

By next July, Game Seer hopes to invest in three to five games, and will be open to more in the long term.

The company has stressed that it is looking specifically for individual games projects rather than making long-term investments in the companies behind them, in contrast to how many investors and venture capital firms operate.

Game Seer has already signed its first co-financing deal with Gato Salvaje, the Spanish studio behind RPG The Waylanders, which is being worked on by former BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw.

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