Respawn working on matchmaking Apex Legends cheaters with other cheaters

Studio upping anti-cheat resources, working on spam and cheat detection using machine learning

Respawn is working on a number of updates toward stopping cheaters in Apex Legends, including a system that puts cheaters and spammers in matches with other cheaters and spammers.

In a Reddit update from the developers, Respawn noted it was working on machine learning technology to help more effectively detect and automatically ban cheaters and spammers in the game, as well as increasing resources and technology at the studio dedicated toward stopping cheaters. Matchmaking tech that pairs known cheaters and spammers with one another is in the works and may already be implemented in the game.

The measures are a response to ongoing community conversation and concerns about cheating in the game, particularly in Apex's Ranked mode.

Cheating in popular multiplayer games has been on the mind of a number of companies lately, including Blizzard. Just this morning, Blizzard said it was testing a new system that automatically ends matches where players are caught cheating, though it does not punish rule-abiding players.

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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZA year ago
I love the idea of matching cheaters with other teachers. It's like their own special league!

It could spawn a new sort of meta game where all sorts of cheating is allowed, but you still ultimately need to compete within that new framework.
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