Fiverr adds dedicated gaming store

Freelancer hiring platform includes sections for development and streaming services

Freelance services and hiring platform Fiverr has introduced a new category specifically dedicated to game development, streaming, and other industry work.

The new Gaming category includes sections for specific types of development work, including general development and design, character design, modeling, and animation, voiceover, sound effects, trailer, writing, and QA. It also has a section dedicated to streaming, with further subcategories for coaching, play sessions, video editing, and other activities.

Fiverr is a platform that allows freelance workers to advertise their services and be hired for various activities including translation, programming, music, design, and others. Games industry-related activities have existed on the site in the past, but have always been grouped into other categories.

However, Fiverr has received criticism in the past for advertising extremely cheap services to the detriment of the workers, as well as for ads that glamorized overwork.

At the time of publication, a quick scan of Fiverr's gaming hub home page showed individuals offering to develop entire games starting as low as $60, design Twitch overlays for as low as $5, and to create concept art for as low as $15.

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