Layoffs at Endless Entertainment

Mobile studios behind Series: Your Story Universe dismisses seven staff due to slowdown in development cycle

US developer Endless Entertainment has laid of a handful of staff from two studios.

GamaSutra reports that seven employees have been affected at the firm's New York and Oakland divisions. Some had only been at the studio for less than a year.

Endless Entertainment is best known for Series: Your Story Universe, an interactive fiction mobile game that features stories from several NBCUniversal properties, including Law & Order, Saved By The Bell and The Breakfast Club.

In a statement, the studio asserted that these layoffs are a reflection of changes to its processes, not the individuals involved.

"Today, Endless said a sad goodbye to seven talented team members and wonderful human beings," the company's CEO Michael Fox said. "The change had nothing to do with their work performance. It's simply an unfortunate reality of a slowdown in our current development cycle.

"We would love to work with all of them again in the future and are doing our best to help find new employment for them as soon as possible."

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Geraint Bungay Head of Games, Ajlan Brothers11 months ago
Really good to see a studio supporting their people after they have had to let them go through no fault of their own, especially pointing out that they are good people and they would welcome them back in the future. Gotta respect that, sometimes tough decisions are necessary but there are ways to do it right. Best of luck to the people who find themselves in such a sad situation and respect to the CEO and the company for how they have communicated it and supported the people as best as they can.

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