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Tilting Point to invest at least $20m into CookApps

Mobile publisher enters UA partnership for match-3 mobile game, Toy Party

Tilting Point has announced a new partnership with CookApps, which will see it invest at least $20 million in funding into the South Korean development studio.

The publishing partnership is centered around a user acquisition campaign for CookApps' match-3 mobile title, Toy Party, though will also include other activities such as technological assistance and possible future live ops and ad monetization help.

"CookApps has done an incredible job marketing Toy Party, but being free-to-play experts in the West, we can see a tremendous amount of unfulfilled potential," said Tilting Point president Samir El Agili. "Our data proves our past successes boosting Eastern games in Western markets, and we are very excited for our live publishing partnership with CookApps to greatly increase Toy Party's popularity amongst Western audiences."

This is nowhere near the first such partnership for Tilting Point, which most recently entered into a similar relationship last year with Disruptor Beam. The studio has a user acquisition fund of up to $132 million that it looks to invest in such partnerships to grow existing games that have seen moderate success.

The publisher has also stated it intends to strike out into co-development this year, with its first project a partnership with Hunted Cow on Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest, which launched last month.

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