Stardock reveals Cider Cloud engine

CEO Brad Wardell: "Our goal is to be able to design games that just aren't possible today"

Stardock has announced it has made a new game engine, called Cider Cloud, which it is using for the development of three different titles in various stages.

The Michigan-based developer wants to create a "crazy powerful 'virtual console'" that's compatible with both Linux and Windows 10, according to its president and CEO Brad Wardell. Its design is focused on distributing physics, AI, and shading onto cloud platforms.

"Our goal with this is to be able to design games that just aren't possible today without having to wait years for stand-alone devices to catch up," said Wardell.

"How much or how little a game distributes to the cloud depends on the particular game. A strategy game might only need to send the simulation and AI out to the cloud, while an immersive first-person game might send out shading and physics to the cloud."

Earlier this week, Stardock amicably settled its ongoing dispute with the developers of Star Control in an agreement that will see the original games return to stores, IP and trademarks split between the two parties, collaboration on future Star Control titles, and mutual sharing of knowledge and products obtained from their mutual love of beekeeping.

It is not specified if future Star Control titles will take advantage of Cider Cloud.

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