Profits tumble at Square Enix due to escalating launch costs

Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider drove revenue, but higher costs led to sharp declines in profit

Kingdom Hearts III and Shadow of the Tomb Raider couldn't profits from falling at Square Enix, due to an escalation in launch costs.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, Square Enix saw an 8.2% rise in revenue to

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slimehunter QA Test Lead, Self-Emplyed10 months ago
Is this a symptom of the games industry as a whole, just SE, or Japan-based game studios? Is the games market saturated, and unable to continue growing without drastic measures introduced like those we've been seeing recently with loot boxes?
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Pablo Mobile Marketing, Konami10 months ago
@slimehunter: SE was the only JP company that reported a slowdown in revenue. Most of the others had record years.
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