Google Stadia caused investors to walk away from Slightly Mad's console

Future of the "Mad Box" is in question following the emergence of Google's streaming service

The announcement of Google Stadia dealt a significant blow to Slightly Mad Studios' console plans, prompting two investors to walk away from the project.

Despite principally being known for Project Cars, Slightly Mad announced its plan to make a console at the start of this year. The "Mad Box" would be focused on high-end performance, the company said at the time, with support for 4k resolution and virtual reality at 60fps.

However, speaking with, Slightly Mad's online marketing director, Nathan Bell, indicated that progress has already faltered, thanks in large part to the announcement of Google Stadia in March.

"We had some solid investment lined up, but Google saying 'the future of gaming isn't in a box' hasn't done us any favours," Bell said. "Two investors pulled out after the announcement of Stadia. All I can say at this stage is the future of the project is questionable."

At the start of this week, Slightly Mad revealed that it has withdrawn the trademark application for "Mad Box," after the name was contested by a French casual games company.

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Latest comments (3)

Chaton Pute team lead, Oasis Games2 years ago
This is the worst excuse possible

Stadia was a surprise for absolutely no one in the industry
Everybody knew about Yeti and google ambition to go with a gaming streaming service by the end of the year
Their PC in a custom box was destined to fail since their own "reveal"
It made no sense in the first place
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DAVID FAHRENHOLZ Software Engineer/Game designer 2 years ago
I think a new console by a mostly unknown company was dead either way. The only ones who stand a chance are Intellivision and Atari with my bet on the Amico due to some exclusive games being developed. Stadia may take off but it will never be that successful for the multitude pf reason already stated in various articles.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.2 years ago
Slightly Mad's console should have been enough to cause investors to walk away from Slightly Mad's console.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jim Webb on 3rd May 2019 11:24pm

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